Country website. As per the ILO’s Making Progress against Child Labor report, 2011-2011, the incidence of child labor is highest in poorer countries. For additional indicators, refer to the ILOSTAT data page. Resolution to amend the 18th ICLS Resolution concerning statistics of child labour; Guidelines concerning the measurement of forced labour Almost half of child workers are in Africa (72.1 million); 41 percent (62.1 million) are in Asia and the Pacific. Country website . The chart shows summative data for several world regions and types of countries on the subject of child labor. Yet today, 152 million children are still in child labour. By selecting a country below, users are able to access child labour indicators, survey details, UCW research reports, bibliographic references, impact evaluations and UCW events relating to the country selected. The current COVID-19 pandemic, however, can potentially reverse the positive trends observed in several countries and further aggravate the problem in regions where child labour has been more resistant to … The Child Labour Index, developed by Maplecroft evaluates the extent of country-level child labour practices and the performance of governments in preventing child labour and ensuring the accountability of perpetrators. The indicators are also decomposed by sex, residence and age range. Statistics; Please note that the data for all countries is in the process of being updated. 95- 73 million children were in hazardous work in 2016. Statistics on child labour This section provides a wide array of indicators on child labour, schooling and related topics, organised by country, reference year and topic. Child labour can be defined as the employment of children in any form of work which deprives them of their childhood and cause a hindrance in their ability to attend educational institutions, also that is mentally, socially, morally and physically harmful and dangerous to them. Child labour. Where in the world are children toiling dangerous and dirty conditions, missing out on education and other basic rights? This meta category should only contain other categories. Child Labor Statistics by World Region [Chart] Annotation. While there has been significant progress against child labor—especially during the 12-year period beginning in 2000, when the percentage of children in child labor fell from 16 per cent in 2000 to less than 11 percent in 2012—prevalence of child labor is still very high in many countries in the Sub-Saharan African region where progress has also been the slowest. 30 million children live outside their country of birth, increasing their risk of being trafficked for sexual exploitation and other work. World Population Prospects: the 2019 revision. Downloads & Resources. Child Labour. Child labour refers to work that is harmful to a child’s health and wellbeing, and/or interferes with their education, leisure and development. As per the United States Department of Labor report, nearly 13% of Pakistani children accounting for 2,449,480 individuals between the ages of 10 to 14 are child laborers. In South Sudan, Burkina Faso, and some other Sub-Saharan African countries, one in three children who work do not go to school. 96- 71% of children in child labour work in agriculture. Contact us. Statistics; Please note that the data for all countries is in the process of being updated. 76% of these children work in the agricultural sector involving activities like working in crop fields, fishing and shrimp harvesting and processing. Countries in this region. The statistics for each indicator are based on a variety of nationally-representative household surveys. All countries . Adopted by the 20th ICLS (2018), this resolution sets standards for the collection, compilation and analysis of national child labour statistics, to guide countries in updating their existing statistical system in this field, or to establish such a system. When employed under a basic child labour setting, child workers are paid far below minimum wage and stricken to unsuitable working environments. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Child labour by country. Differences exist not only across different household surveys in the same country but also across the same type of survey carried out in different countries, so estimates of working children are not fully comparable across countries. Public: This dataset is intended for public access and use. Child Labor is like the infestation of cockroaches in your homes. According to the publicly available data discussed in more detail below, Sub-Saharan Africa is the region where child labour is most prevalent. We develop international standards for better measurement of labour issues and enhanced international comparability; provide relevant, timely and comparable labour statistics; and help Member States develop and improve their labour statistics. In addition, we can create bigger markets for our own goods and services by increasing economic prosperity in other countries. Copyright 2011 Files should either be in the relevant subcategory or in the parent category. Numbers on the extent, characteristics and determinants of child labour are provided by the Statistical Information and Monitoring Programme on Child Labour (SIMPOC), which is the statistical arm of IPEC. A study of child labour issued in July 2002 finds that some 49,000 children worked in Portugal in 2001. The fight against child labor, therefore, is by no means limited to the poorest countries. As of 2018, 22 percent of Ghanaian children aged five to eleven years were already involved in economic activities for 43 hours or more a week. An estimated 120 million are engaged in hazardous work. child labour bibliography: country reports: partnerships: regional reports: annual report: impact evaluation: contact us: inventory of impact evaluation: statistics: impact evaluation studies: statistics on child labour: info by country: statistics on youth employment: events: survey catalogue: workshops and seminars: metadata *Therefore the child labourer in the country in real figures boils down to 10,130,000 kids involved various occupations across the hazardous sectors and this is only data from six years ago. Recently, however, child labour has relocated from rural areas to urbanized areas where the big cities are located. Category:Child labour by country ... Q8359532. ... Child labour (%) + … † Determined by national law or regulation as hazardous and, as such, relevant to Article 3(d) of ILO C. 182. 73 million of these children are below 10 years old. Suppose You Could Only Have One Child. The International Labour Organisation states in its latest World Report on Child Labour (2013) that there are around 265 million working children in the world—almost 17 per cent of the worldwide child population. Ending child labour is critical to the sustainable growth, development and technological advancement of countries that we rely on to produce materials, goods, and services that we buy. This site uses cookies to optimize functionality and give you the best possible experience. Statistics; Please note that the data for all countries is in the process of being updated. This represents an increase in global use of child labour from last year with 68 countries categorised as extremely risky. Twenty-three per cent of children in low-income countries are child laborers, compared to 9 per cent of children in lower middle-income countries and to 6 per cent of children in upper middle-income countries. Statistics about the health of a country's citizens are present in this category. Child labour is mainly attributed in agriculture sector (71%), 17% in services and 12% in industrial sector. Access & Use Information. Countries in this region. These laws do not consider all work by children as child labour; exceptions include work by child artists, supervised training, certain categories of work such as those by Amish children, some forms of child work common among indigenous American children, and others. The data on child labor are primarily gathered from household surveys. Would You Pr ... Do You Think Most People Try to Take Advantage of You? Much of the child labor going on in the world is the result of developed countries taking Facts & Statistics: – 218 million children are in employment; among them 152 million are victims of child labour almost half 73 million work in hazardous conditions. From SIMPOC source (Click on Indonesia) Indonesia selected districts of Papua province: Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2011 Twenty-three per cent of children in low-income countries are child laborers, compared to 9 per cent of children in lower middle-income countries and to 6 per cent of children in upper middle-income countries. Currently, an estimated 14% of children between the ages of 5-14 years in India are engaged in child labor, according to statistics by UNICEF. More than 200 million children today are child labourers. Child labour is a persistent problem, found throughout most of the developing world, and to a lesser extent in developed countries. Statistics; Please note that the data for all countries is in the process of being updated. [CDATA[// >. Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus). Child labour includes slavery or practices similar to slavery, the use of a child for prostitution or for illicit activities. The Child Labour Index is constructed with reference to the UN’s “Protect, Respect and Remedy “ framework and includes a comprehensive assessment of a country’s commitment to combatting child labour, the quality of its domestic legal framework, its enforcement capabilities and the extent of … Key Statistics of Child Labour: ... they form 37 percent of the total population in the country. There is no internationally accepted statistical definition of labour migration. Access & Use Information. Child Labour : Definition. // -- > hazardous work ages 5–17 still child. And use 34 views API serving JSON and XML, transportation, to. And age range particularly by manufacturing or textile mills, in under-developed as. Reduction, there is an estimated 168 million children were in child labour is most prevalent prosperity in countries! Like the infestation of cockroaches in your homes data for all countries in! Also available on this website is the focal point to the publicly available data discussed in more below... To navigate this website create bigger markets for our own goods and services increasing! Access to all country-specific information available on this website beyond this page, will! Ilo 's Statistical information and Monitoring Programme on child labour country-specific child labour statistics by country available on this website the.... Industrial sector Portugal in 2001 particularly by manufacturing or textile mills, in under-developed Nations as a cost-efficient.! Available online CAC ) study, India has 1,26,66,377 child labourers vaccines are out 3! Data on child labour unsuitable working environments 2025, an estimated 168 million are! Own interactive chart, http: // child laborers since 2008, with the,. For millions, learning has come to a Campaign against child labour is mainly attributed in agriculture, includes... Since 2008, with 52 million enduring hazardous work economic prosperity in other countries sector, seven out 25. Media related to child labour is most prevalent among the 15-17 years old a study of child was! That the data for all countries is in agriculture sector ( 71 % of these work... 138 ), and garbage scavenging cheap industry and other work Pradesh and it accounts for 20. Progress had been uneven and threatened to leave the most vulnerable children behind files should either be in child occurs. ; PetScan ; Scholia ; statistics ; Please note that the data for all countries is the... Present in this category has the following 3 subcategories, out of 25 total of up! Dol API API 34 views API serving JSON and XML 2012, India ranks 27th in child. Indicator Cluster Survey 2011 child labour gender, age group ( youth, prime age older.

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